Chicken Little’s Big Adventure or “Tacoma or Bust”

Chicken Little

Our big Corvair adventure was taking the little car from Lexington, Kentucky, to Rochester MN, Tacoma, Washington, down the coastal states to California, then across a good portion of Route 66 and home, during the summer of 2014. A total of almost 7000 miles with only one mild (carburator) problem.

Here’s the initial post, which we didn’t update (sorry!) but it was a grand trip!

As I post along the way, I will continue to put the new stuff at the top of the page so that you don’t need to scroll to the bottom to find out what we are up to.

Thursday, July 17, 2014:   I left Lexington yesterday about 9:00 AM.  Since I gained an hour in the central time zone, there wasn’t any need to get out too early.  The car performed well except for a slight stumble at around 3000 RPM.  I have a couple of things to check.  I swapped out plug wires this morning.  That was the easiest thing to to do.  Will look at the carburetor balance when I get to Rochester this afternoon.

I had dinner last night with an old buddy of mine that recently moved to Iowa City.  Had a nice rest last night, a good breakfast this morning and am ready to hit the road.  I meant to get a picture at the restaurant last night.  (Sorry Beth)  I will have to pull up an old picture of us from our archives.

Peoria, IL looked like it would be a neat place to visit.  I wish now I had had the time to stop and look around.  Also, just outside of Iowa City, I passed I-80 Truckstop, billed as the world’s largest truck stop.  That would have been fun to see as well.


Tuesday, July 15:  We will be leaving tomorrow, July 16th, to join friends in Minnesota and then head west to Tacoma, WA for the national convention.  From Tacoma, we will proceed south along the Pacific coast and eventually make our way down to Route 66.  Our plans are to follow Route 66 more or less all the way to St. Louis, MO then head home.  Here’s hoping and praying the little car holds together.  We’ve been all over the US east of the Mississippi, this will be huge for us.