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2016 CKCE Events

Well we haven’t updated this site for a while so here are some of our events…

Mar 12 – Lexington St. Patrick’s Day Parade

April 21-24 – Corvair Springfest in Helen, GA

April 30 – trip to Ky/OH with VMCCA

May 7 – Derby Day party at Poneleit’s on the lake

July 12-16 – CORSA national Convention in Springfield, IL

On Our Way to Tacoma

Our trip so far….

This epic voyage began Wednesday, July 16, when Cliff and “Chicken Little” left Lexington with a goal of the national CORSA Convention in Tacoma, Washington with return route including Route 66 through the Southwest.

The first stop was dinner with an old friend, Scott Trunkhill in Iowa City.  After spending the night in Cedar Rapids, IA, the site of the 2010 national convention, it was on to Rochester to meet up with Dave and Ina Keillor.  The drive  through northern Iowa and into Minnesota was nothing but miles and miles of cornfields.  Then there was the occasional cattle car.  Man, I don’t know when I’ve smelled anything that strong in my life.  Staying ahead of them became the challenge of the day.

After arriving in Rochester, I spent the afternoon getting reacquainted with Dave and Ina.  I met the two of them years ago at a performance workshop in Dayton, Ohio.  Dave had been working on a 65 Monza that he and Ina sold to her brother back in 68.  They re-acquired the car in 2004 and have done an incredible job of turning “Mr. Redd” into a beautiful example of what Chevrolet could have done with the car if they had wanted to.

Meanwhile, Beth was in Atlanta for the XSEDE conference.  She will have to tell you what that stands for.  I picked her up in the airport at 5:30 on Thursday.  This is where things began to unravel.  You can see from the photo that the airport isn’t very large.  In fact, I’ve been in mall parking lots that were bigger than this.  I got all turned around as we were leaving and for a split second, it looked like we were going to get hopelessly lost.  Man, if I can’t get out of this parking lot, what business do I have traveling cross country?  But, we finally got out.  Thank goodness for the peanut trail

2014-07-17 17.36.38_kyc 


2014-07-18 08.08.09_kyc






2014-07-18 08.09.06_kyc






2014-07-18 08.33.58-2_kyc


On to I-90!





2014-07-18 08.42.59_kyc

2014-07-18 08.42.54_kyc

Gas at a Sinclair station

2014-07-18 17.53.57_sinclair






2014-07-18 10.22.08_kyc







2014-07-18 18.37.47_badlands






2014-07-18 18.57.50_kyc







2014-07-18 19.16.20_kyc







2014-07-18 19.29.51_kyc







2014-07-18 20.06.15_kyc

2014-07-18 20.09.29_kyc




Then on to Wall, SD


Saturday morning we visited Wall Drug in Wall, SD – billboards advertise “Free Ice Water!”  “5 cent coffee!”  and what got Cliff:  “Homemade donuts!”  famous since the 1930s.

2014-07-19 07.52.03_kyc 2014-07-19 08.00.30_kyc 2014-07-19 07.51.36_kyc

Then Saturday saw 500+ miles on I-90 west toward Bozeman, Montana

2014-07-19 09.51.57_kyc 2014-07-19 10.03.25_kyc

Went thru a corner of Wyoming.

2014-07-19 10.59.00_kyc_wyo


Met a Wyoming Highway Patrol Officer

2014-07-19 11.55.02_kyc_whp



Welcome to Montana

2014-07-19 15.57.52b_kyc_montana


2014-07-19 16.01.18_kyc 2014-07-19 18.08.31_kyc_gas 2014-07-19 19.27.02_kyc 2014-07-19 19.50.11_kyc_567_ford 2014-07-19 19.56.18_kyc




St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2014

The CKCE had a great day in the Lexington St. Patrick’s Day parade! Here are just a few of the photos.

We had 9 cars, great weather, and a terrific crowd showed up in downtown Lexington! Afterwards we went for dinner at Columbia’s steak house, a tradition for the club.  Thanks to David Lockman for entering us in the parade as usual!  Click on the first picture then you will be able to view the remaining images as a slide show.

Engine Grill

2013-05-18 14.01.56

Who wouldn’t want a grill that looks like an engine?

We saw this visiting The 502 Auto Club  with the Derby City Corvair club last year.

Test Gallery from Media Library – Ah, but it doesn’t do slideshows.